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Connect 10

Connect 10 is a challenging puzzle game. The goal is to join the numbers together so that their sum equals 10.


Connect a string of numbers column, row, or in both directions so that their sum makes 10.
The value of each number cell used decreases by 1 each time you merge numbers.
The value of the number can be reduced to 0.
To remove a numeric cell from a field, include the cell in a string when its value is 0.
If the sequence does not form 10, the game will indicate whether you are high or low.
Select the hint button if you can't find any possible combinations.
After you select the hint button, the game will mark a potential sequence on the screen.
Each hint costs you 500 points, so use them sparingly.

How to play

There are a total of 15 levels for you to try.
Within 10 minutes, you need to match the numbers together so that the sum equals 10 quickly to clear all the numbers in the table. You don't need to delete all the cells from the table, you need to use the cells until the set of 10 cells can no longer be created. From there, unlock the next level.


Use the mouse, left click, and drag to create a sequence of numbers.

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