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Connect 4

Connect 4 is a fun game for two players, in which each player will drop colored tokens into a grid of rounds. The game objective is to find the person who forms a line of 4 tokens first. The game requires your finesse and patience to win. For kids, Connect 4 helps to support their brain development as well as build ingenuity, perseverance while well interacting with friends. Read on for the game details. 


You and your opponent will be provided with a grid of colored rounds with 7 columns and 6 rows. Then, you have to drop your tokens on the grid one by one so that it forms a line of 4 tokens without being stopped by your opponent. The line must be straight, and the direction it goes depends on your way. For each piece dropped, it will fall straight down to the lowest position in that column. 

During the process, it is necessary to pay attention to your opponent’s moves. This is to make a timely intervention when he or she will have just formed a line of 3 tokens. 

If the board is full of tokens before either player gets 4 tokens in a line, the game will be counted as a draw. 

You have the option of playing with a robot or a friend. The game also has a mode for playing against a random opponent.

How to play

  • Click PLAY and wait for your opponent to join the room. 
  • Identify your color and your turn to have your moves timely. If you take so long to have a move, your opponent can kick you out of the room. 
  • Drop each of your tokens on your expected position. Remember that a piece dropped will fall down to the lowest position of that column. 
  • Complete your move and wait for the other side to make his turn. This is an alternate game.Your advantage is your opponent's disadvantage.

How do you win the Connect 4 Online game?

  • Try to form a diagonal line since the others are easily detected by the opponent. In the Connect 4 game, most wins come from a diagonal line.   
  • Build your moves from the bottom center square position (the grid of 2x2) in order to be able to complete your line from various directions.
  • Observe thoroughly your opponent’s move to stop him or her timely. If you just focus on yours, the other side can win anytime. You will have to pay a price for your concentration. 

Try to end the game with a win instead of a draw. The game has almost the same gameplay as Tic-Tac-Toe, but your chances of winning against a robot are much higher. 


Tips: You can gain experience to improve your chances of winning by engaging in various games. Strong opponents are likely to have useful strategies and good ways of moving that you can pick up by watching them. Through that, you can win more easily and rank up in Connect 4 Online.

Connect 4 is a game that is worth considering for your spare time. Improving concentration and flexibility of thinking while having fun is always a good way.


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