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Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is an attractive management game in which you will transform into a monkey who grows fruits and vegetables. Develop a farm produce supermarket to sell them to other animals in the forest.

To keep your supermarket full of products, grow fruits right from the start, such as bananas, corn, etc. Move the fruits to the supermarket shelves. They are waiting for customers to buy and collect the money from customers.

The money you earn can go to stores to buy yourself necessary items such as hats, jewelry, etc.

In addition, you can hire more cashiers and queue staff. They will assist you in paying and shipping the products to the stalls.

Try hard to earn as much money as possible to improve your quality of life. Be a rich boss, don't go bankrupt!

Who created Monkey Mart?

TinyDobbins created Monkey Mart. 


  • Hold the left mouse button to control the monkey.
  • WASD or Arrow keys to Move.

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