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Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game is a fun video game. Your task is to control the T-rex dinosaur to avoid obstacles in the desert and jump forward.

Dinosaur Game is a game built into the Google Chrome web browser. It was created and developed by the Chrome UX team in 2014. You can play it completely for free and without an internet connection.

T-Rex Runner, Chrome Dino, and Dino Run are just a few of the many names for the dinosaur game.

How to play

To begin moving, press the SPACEBAR key. Note that the further you go, the faster the movement speed increases, at this time, the hand and eye combine really well.

You will also come across birds, cacti, etc. At this point, whether you're jumping up or crouching, you must make a decision and act decisively. Be clever to pass.

  • Spacebar or ↑ key to start Dinosaur Game. 
  • Press and hold ↑ or SPACEBAR to make the dinosaur jump higher. 
  • ↓ key to avoid the bird.
  • ALT or F11 key to pause the game.

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