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Ludo is a fun online game that can be played in two- or four-player modes. Choose the color and move your pieces to the center to win.

Ludo was developed by GAMETION AKA Gamotronix in April 2017. You can play on a variety of platforms, including the Web browser, Android, and iOS.

How to play

Players will select a color and must direct their four pieces to the center position.

Each player takes turns rolling the dice. To start moving the pieces, you need to roll the dice to get a six. Every time the dice roll a six, you can choose to take the piece off the board or move it outside the board by 6 squares.

If your piece lands on a square occupied by your opponent, their piece is immediately returned to the chessboard and the game must be restarted, and vice versa.


If your piece is in front of your opponent's square, it will help you block your opponent's way, like a traffic jam. However, there are many risks at this time, if your opponent rolls a 1, your piece will return to the chessboard as it was at the start.

Keep playing like this until the pieces have gone one full circle around the board and towards the colored path to the center of the board. The winner will be the first to bring four pieces to the center of the board.


Left-click to roll the dice and choose a piece.

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