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Dot Tap

Dot Tap is a fun puzzle game. The blue dot moves at a continuously changing speed. Your goal is to touch the screen when the blue dot matches the purple dot.

How to play

Dot Tap has extremely simple graphics, helping players focus maximum on the dots. On the screen, there are only blue and purple dots. The green dot always moves towards the purple dot. The purple dot always stands still. The blue dot has a continuously changing movement speed. Observe and click at the right moment when the blue ball matches the purple ball. Don't click too fast or too slow. You will lose and have to play again from the beginning.
Dot Tap trains players to practice patience, time sensitivity, and quick, accurate reflexes. The deeper you go, the more the blue dot moves at an unpredictable speed and direction. Stay focused and conquer the high score.


Left-click to match the dot.

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