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Fancade is an arcade game with cube graphics. Experiment with many fun games and easily create your own.
Fancade synthesizes many mini-games with special and different gameplay.
There are three versions to get you started:
The "Quest" version: Control the flap with a square block to destroy all the pink parasites. There are 20 levels. Complete Levels 1-20 to earn 40 stars.
"Battle" version: Your task is to control the car to the finish line without colliding with obstacles. Challenge other players by trying to surpass their score. Unlock new arenas and rank up on the leaderboards.
The "Build": allows you to create and manage your game projects. You can create a game from scratch using different blocks and sets of scripts that will allow you to unleash your creativity according to your needs. his imagination. You can also access tutorials to learn the basics of how to make games.
Go on quests and unlock more than 100 different mini-games.
Play for free every day.
Create your own levels and games with drag-and-drop building blocks.
Unleash your creativity in the world of Fancade!

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