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Rally Legend

Rally Legend is one of the favorite games in Fancade. Your task is to control the car at high speed to the finish line with countless obstacles on the road. Just bump into them—game over.
How to play:
The car always starts running in a straight line. Touch the screen to change the direction of the car, either left or right (on the first touch, the car always points to the right).
There are many obstacles that stand in your way, such as trees, sidewalks, rocks, and logs.
Helpful in the game are coins, let's collect them. By touching those coins, you have immunity and are not damaged by any obstacles.
Shop system:
You can increase the immunity time and increase your income by exchanging the coins you have.

Rally Legend was created by DarkCube at Fancade.


How to play

To move, use the left mouse button. 

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