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Hololive Suika Game

Hololive Suika Game is a game inspired by Suika Game. Merge two similar characters to create a larger character, create as many Captain Noel's as possible to get a high score.

How to play

The gameplay is similar to Suika Game, in which the fruits are replaced by Hololive characters such as Kanataso, Matsuri-chan, Fubuking, Ateishi-san, Oku, Mikochi, Rummy-chan, Nenechi, Sakamata, Captain Marine, and Captain Noel's.
The cute characters are dropped into the box one by one. When two similar characters touch each other, they will merge into a larger character.
When the character box is full and the character hits the top of the box, the game will end.


Use the mouse to play.

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