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Kids Cute Pairs

Kids Cute Pairs is a puzzle game with very good memory training. In the game, you need to match the same cards in as few turns as possible.

The game has 3 levels with different numbers of pieces corresponding to different difficulty levels: 2x3, 3x4, and 4x6. With unique and impressive images such as fruits, vegetables, tubers, fruits, and musical instruments, animals will attract more children.

How to play

The game requires very high memorization. All the pieces are face down, when you click on them, they will face up for a few seconds, showing you what the picture is, then it's face down again. You need to keep that image in mind so you can match it quickly, with as few clicks as possible.
The game has two modes for you to choose from: 1 player and 2 player, so you can choose a reasonable game mode.


Left-click to flip the card and select.
Two identical cards that flip will automatically move through the stack.

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