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Kitten Hide And Seek

Kitten Hide and Seek is a running game full of suspense and fun. In the game, you need to help the little girl hide from the eyes of the giant cat. Help the little girl secretly collect target items and coins.


On a computer: Use the mouse to play. Click and hold to stop and crouch when hidden behind an object on the tabletop.
On mobile: Click and hold your finger on the screen to stop and crouch.

How to play

The little girl's goal is to collect something she needs to decorate her little house inside the hollow tree.
Run across the counter and hide behind jars, cookie jars, food plates, and boxes of tissues every time the cat pokes its head over the edge of the counter. The cat will use its bright, reflective laser eyes to scan for and detect intrusions. Help the little girl to hide well.
Avoid puddles of oil and honey, as they will slow down the little girl or cause her to slip.

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