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Magic Slide

Magic Slide is a magical logic puzzle game. The goal of this game is to launch bullets at all enemies. Your character will automatically launch bullets in the opposite direction from the direction you move.

How to play

 Magic Slide has a total of 14 levels for you to conquer. Move and avoid running straight in the direction of enemies. Observe and avoid automatic shooters. Launch bullets at all enemies in each level. Complete levels to unlock the next level.


If you get stuck on a level, stop and consider where to destroy specific enemies.
When you are in later levels that have skulls in all four corners of the level, try not to touch any wall unless it is at the end of the level.
Usually this level will have a gap in the wall between you and the skulls, or there will be a block directly across from you that you can slide into. Use it to destroy enemies.


Use the arrow keys to move.

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