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Pony Clicker

Most kids adore playing Pony Clicker, an idle clicker game. What you need to do is click on the cute pink pony and collect lots of smiles.

The number of smiles you collect will be exchanged in the shop on the right, and you can exchange any based on the number of smiles you have:

Pony : 15
Friendship: 20
Rectal: 77
Party: 405
Parade: 1682
Concert: 7711
Festival: 37976
Rave: 2232 million
Grand Galloping Gala: 14546 million
Coronation: 278443Million
National Holiday: 60927 billion
Elements of Harmony: 59357 trillion

To experience all the features of the game, you just need to work hard and keep clicking. Be happy!


Left mouse button

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