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Rainbow Obby

Rainbow Obby is a colorful obstacle course game. Move and jump on the colorful blocks hanging in the air; never fall down. Ready to conquer every journey.
The game has more than 30 levels, each with interesting challenges waiting for you ahead. You are immersed in a world of beautiful colors. But it's full of dangers. Just a split second of inattention can cause you to fall right into the air, and you immediately have to return to the starting point of that level to conquer it again.
Conquer the beautiful, colorful rainbows in the sky now!

How to play

Use WASD keys to move.
W to move forward
A to move left
S to go back
D to move right
Spacebar to jump
Hover to look around.
Left mouse button to fire
R to return to the last checkpoint
Shift + R to restart from the beginning
1 to Emote
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