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Run 3

Run 3 is an engaging and addictive running game. Here, the player controls the cute alien character while safely passing through different galactic satellites. Go as far as possible. Don't fall into deep space - you will lose.


The game has many levels.
Impressive 3D graphics
Simple control game

How to play

Run 3 has two game modes for you to choose from: Exploration mode and infinite mode. Exploration mode allows you to pass levels, while infinite mode only allows you to test your skills with the arrow keys in the endless version.
Running non-stop and running long distances is the goal of the game. Avoid falling into blocks, traps, or other obstacles, avoid falling into deep space.


Space or UP Arrow = Jump
A or LEFT Arrow = Left
D or RIGHT Arrow = Right
Use R to reset.
Use the P key to pause the game.

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