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Stray Brothers 3D

Stray Brothers 3D is a fun math game. Here, you need to collect as many cats as possible by going through mathematical doors to increase the number of cats. Guide as many stray cats to the finish line to earn high scores.

How to play

If you are good at math, playing Stray Brothers 3D is simple and always gets a perfect score. For kids who are getting used to math, Stray Brothers 3D is a perfect choice for practice. You will develop more proficient and faster calculation skills.
Each door you choose to go through will be based on basic math. You must choose a door that increases the number of stray cats as much as possible. There are subtractive or split doors that will significantly reduce the number of your cats. Be careful when choosing such doors; choose how to at least reduce the number of your cats.

Avoid hitting obstacles; it will kill you immediately.
Finally, fight with the dogs to reach the finish line safely.


Use the mouse to play.

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