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Unicycle Legend

Unicycle Legend is an interesting physics game. In the game, you need to show your balance skills on a unicycle, move over obstacles without falling or colliding and reach the finish line safely.

How to play

Keeping balance on a two-wheeled bicycle is already difficult. Coming to Unicycle Legend, you have to balance on a one-wheeled bicycle; the difficulty increases many times. You need to determine your direction and tilt to determine which button to press to keep your balance and not fall. If you have a little knowledge of physics, you will easily pass the game. Usually, we will press the button opposite to the character's tilt direction.
Unicycle Legend has 120 levels for you to conquer; the difficulty and obstacles increase with each level, making it very difficult to overcome. Try it now!


A/D or left/right arrow keys to ride.
Pause: Space bar to Pause.
R to Restart
L to level selection.
ESC to go back.

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