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Bouncy Race 3D

Bouncy Race 3D is a marathon-to-the finish line game. Your goal is to reach the finish line first. Stay away from the walls, as they will reduce your speed. Be careful not to fall into the sea, or you will be disqualified immediately.

While playing, there will be springs attached to help you jump farther and fly higher than other racers, shortening the distance you need to run. It's more feasible to get to the finish line first. However, remember to land safely on the track. When jumping, it is very easy to fall into the water.
Also, the light bonus is in some random location on the rails; try to achieve it, and it will give you power up so that no one can stop you.


Touch or Mouse
Use your mouse, arrow keys, or swipe to move your character left or right.
When jumping, use the same left and right movements to position the landing marker and land your character back on the track.

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