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Little Runmo

Little Runmo is a fun-filled 2D platform game. Control the blue character to jump up to collect coins and overcome all dangers to safely reach the end of the road.


Favorite classic pixel graphics.
The character design is somewhat scary, like the meatball man.
There are eight areas for you to explore: the upper world, lower world, storage and meatball man race, life factory, morgue, king's hall, gastral giveaway, space and battle with Grobletombus Marble Eyes.
Someone hides many secret coins.

Little Runmo's gameplay is similar to Super Mario Bros. If you have ever played Super Mario Bros with Little Runmo, you will easily conquer every level.
The game requires good movement skills, and the increasing difficulty will make you more excited.


Use the arrow keys to move.
Spacebar to jump.

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