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Math Duck

Math Duck is a fun math puzzle game. In the game, you need to solve a mathematical equation correctly, get the key, and reach the emergency exit before time runs out.

How to play

Math Duck has many levels for you to conquer. Each level only takes 10 seconds for you to complete. Therefore, you need a solid mathematical foundation to be able to conquer this game.
In each level of Math Duck, there is at least one equation that must be solved. Control the duck to the correct number to get the correct result. After solving the equation, quickly get the key to open the emergency door and get there before time runs out. Continue going to the next level.
Math Duck is suitable for children to practice addition and subtraction calculations within 10. The game is suitable for elementary school children. In addition, the game also trains you to do quick arithmetic and have good reflex skills.


Move: A, D, or Arrows
Jump: W/Up Key
Restart: R

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