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Number Line Match

Number Line Match is an interesting connection game. In which you connect identical numbers or numbers standing next to each other vertically, row, or diagonally that sum to 10 to remove them from the board.
The game requires many skills, such as observation skills, mathematical skills, logic skills, etc. Match the numbers accurately and quickly.

How to play

Connect the same numbers and numbers that add up to 10 vertically, row, and diagonally to erase them.
You can make them disappear by connecting numbers that are the same or total 10.
You can connect numbers even if they are far from each other.
You can connect more than three.
When the number of moves reaches 0, the system adds a line.
A line can be erased when all the numbers in the line are erased.
When there are no more turns, a line of numbers is added.
If a line is added when there is a number on the top row, the game is over.


Use the mouse to play.

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