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Om Nom Connect Classic

Om Nom Connect Classic: A perfect combination of Candy Crush and Pikachu. The goal is to find and match matching pairs to remove them from the board, provided that the lines connect no more than three bends.


Beautiful graphic
There is a time limit.
Competitive leaderboard
Many addictive modes

How to play

The game has four addictive modes.
"Time Race Mode": gives the player an hour to collect as many stars as possible by connecting at least three matching candies.
"Highway mode": where you have 90 seconds to make giant links between cute little monsters on the highway.
"Chocolate Factory" mode: start your chocolate egg collection within two minutes.
"Candy Town" mode: where you have to collect all the candies in town within two minutes.
Find two identical tiles and connect them. The connecting lines must not exceed three bends.


Use the mouse to play

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