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Runaway Toad

Runaway Toad is a 2D platform game with an interesting story. Help the toad run away from the princess. Jump on the stone steps, eat insects and never touch the water. Otherwise, you will be arrested immediately.

How to play

The princess in the tower, who is haunted by a curse. The princess caught countless toads, kisses it to finds the prince of her life.. Including the toad hero that you are about to guide and help him escape from the castle.
Help the toad jump onto the rocks on the river bed. The rocks have different distances and sizes. Observe, gain momentum and jump correctly.
During the process of moving, you will encounter countless types of insects. Eat them to maintain energy to run away. Run away from the castle as far as possible.
Never let the toad fall into the water; if it falls into the water, you will be picked up by a hawk and brought immediately back to the princess.


Use the mouse to play.

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