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Stack Colors

Stack Colors is a fun math game in which you control your character to move left or right to collect blocks of the same color. Collect as many as you can and throw them at the finish line to get huge scores.


Belongs to the casual game genre.
Beautiful 3D graphics.
Collect blocks of the same color.
Addictive scores.

How to play

Control your character to move left or right to collect colored blocks. You can only pick up blocks that have the same color as the color block you are holding. If you move into the wrong color block, the corresponding number of blocks will be deducted.
There will be a mode that causes fever, only effective for a short time. Now you can collect all the blocks without worrying about distinguishing colors.
Reach the finish line and kick the colored blocks as far as possible to earn high scores.


Drag the left mouse button to move the character left or right.

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