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Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a fun, endless running game. Run, avoid obstacles, and collect coins. Help Jake and his friends escape from the grumpy guard.


Many levels have rich, addictive goals.
Vivid and colorful graphics
Smooth gameplay and engaging background music
The game has an energetic pace.

How to play

It is essential in this game to run and avoid all the obstacles; don't get caught. Collect lots of coins and keys. You can use coins to upgrade yourself, buy characters, items, powers, etc.Keys will help you revive, unlock special tables, or receive additional rewards.
Skateboards help you a lot during your escape journey. Please unlock it and use it effectively and at the right time.


Arrow left/right: Move left or right.
Up arrow: Jump.
Down arrow: Crouch and slide.
Space: Activates the hoverboard.

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