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Suika Shapes

Fun puzzle game Suika Shapes draws inspiration from the well-known Suika game. Drop shapes of different colors and sizes into the box. Merge similar shapes to create larger shapes.

How to play

To start playing, you can choose your favorite type of block, such as a round, triangle, square, rectangle, etc. This block will follow you throughout the game.
The type of block you choose will have different sizes and will be randomly dropped into the box. Calculate and choose the drop position of the shapes so that blocks with close sizes are dropped close to each other. Cubes of the same value that touch each other will merge together to create a larger cube.

Don't let the cubes touch the top of the box; otherwise, you will lose them immediately.


Keyboard control:
A and D move the line left and right.
Holding down the Shift key increases the line speed.
Q and E rotate the current shape (except the circle).
S or spacebar, drops the current image.
Mouse control:
Aim where you want to drop the image and left-click.
Right-click to rotate the image.
Middle-click to enable drop-preview mode
The scroll wheel switches the drop speed between slow and fast.

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