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Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is an exciting action video game in which your mission is to Help Mario save his life as he travels through the Mushroom Kingdom before the forces of the enemy Bowser to rescue the mushroom princess Toadstool.

The Koopa army of turtles (also known as Bowser) invaded the Mushroom Kingdom. They use spells to turn mushroom people into inanimate objects such as bricks, stones, and horsehair. Then kidnap Princess Toadtool. The princess is the only one capable of breaking Bowser's spell. Help Mario rescue the princess.


A challenging adventure awaits Mario ahead. To reach the flagpole in each level, Mario needs to climb mountains, cross the sea, avoid wormholes, destroy turtle soldiers, and avoid a series of magical traps besprent along the way.

Mario must collect a variety of useful items in order to effectively combat enemies:

Many coins and items are besprent throughout the game, they can be seen immediately or hidden in special bricks with question marks, Smash these mysterious bricks if you have time to collect rare items and coins.

Eating a mushroom helps Mario double in size to become Super Mario, making it easy to break the mysterious bricks, Super Mario will return to its original size if hit.


Eating a flower helps Mario become Fire Mario, now Mario can throw fireballs from his hand.

Touching a bouncing Super Star turns Mario into Star Mario. Right now, Mario can extirpate enemies with a single tap. However, this superpower has a time limit, so it needs to be used quickly.

Mario starts with a certain number of lives and can get extra lives by picking up blue-spotted orange mushrooms hidden in bricks, collecting 100 coins, defeating multiple enemies in a row with Koopa shells, or bouncing enemies. consecutive enemies without touching the ground.

The final stage of each world takes place in a castle, where Bowser fights over a suspension bridge. Mario needs to reach the axe at the end of the bridge. Then the game is over, and Mario is the winner!

How to play


  • Use W, A, S, D keys or arrows [↑ → ↓ ←] to move
  • Hold the button to jump higher.
  • Use Shift/CTRL to Fire/Sprint.
  • P to pause,
  • M to mute.

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